Legacy Classics is a privately owned California LLC based in Beverly Hills, California.


We created Legacy Classics to produce family entertainment and educational products based on a wide range of classic and award-winning intellectual property.


We have acquired the entertainment rights to a large library of children’s books and comic characters.  Each property has a strong and proven connection with generations of fans.


Our goal is to satisfy the existing fan base for each property by staying close to the original material while utilizing a combination of modern filmmaking techniques and multi-platform digital distribution to attract new fans.


Our mission is to create entertainment that will inspire, excite and educate audiences around the world.


Legacy works in partnership with major publishing groups and estates to create content based on award winning children’s literature and branded characters.


Through our publishing partnerships Legacy receives a first look opportunity on over 100 new books and comics every year.



After starting his career as the Head of Production for Oscar winning Apogee Studios, Dan went on to serve as Executive Producer for Pacific Data Images’ groundbreaking feature film division.  In 1992 Dan left PDI to found Hammerhead Productions where he produced digital animation and visual effects on over 100 major motion pictures.


Dan’s recent work includes producing the primetime special Michael Jackson’s Halloween for CBS, writing and producing the English language version of the hit Chinese film Big Fish & Begonia, producing and directing an anthology based on the award-winning books by Robert McCloskey including the best-seller Blueberries For Sal. Dan is the Executive In Charge for Sony Pictures feature film Angry Birds 2, the sequel to the smash hit based on the popular game.


Mark received his Ph.D. in Computer Graphics from UC Berkeley. Mark went on to lead the ILM CGI department where he was responsible for some of the first, and most famous photorealistic CG characters in film including the Pseudopod in The Abyss; The Liquid Metal T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day; and the Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


Mark left ILM to direct the movie Spawn for New Line Cinema and has gone on to direct and/or produce several movies and numerous commercials, including nine animated feature films.


In 2017 Mark directed the primetime animated special Michael Jackson’s Halloween for CBS and is currently in production as the Director of an animated feature film based on the classic comic strip Marmaduke.


Albert Whitman has been publishing award winning children’s books since 1919. All Albert Whitman & Company books treat their readers in a caring and respectful manner, helping them to grow intellectually and emotionally.


Andrews McMeel Universal is the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world. The company publishes the work of more than 125 syndicate creators and writers and more than 300 books every year.